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Our aim is to provide a friendly yet courteous transport service for a wide range of customers.

We offer journeys for all types of occasion, whether itís for individual, business or leisure or for the corporate or contract client.

Do you need transport to the airport, docks, a theatre visit, a celebration night out, or even that forthcoming wedding? Or are you looking for school transport, a mystery tour for your residents or even some vehicles to shuttle people around for that open day, going on a Golfing or Skiing Holiday, we have suitable vehicles available. We also regularly cater for Ambulante passengers and wheelchair users.

We have many years experience in the business and put you, the customer at the forefront of any arrangement, guiding you on timing considerations, route planning and overall transport solutions.

We can offer a number of services, from vehicle with driver to chauffeuring, to fleet and transport management. Do you have a need for any of these? Do you have an event for which you would like some help in finding transport solutions? Why not contact us to see how we can help?


Telephone: 01730 ~ 892052.



Wheel Drive Ltd.